path love


I have lusted after a potager for years, complete with walls and paths and abundant vegetables.  I visit open gardens, I clip images from magazines, I bookmark copious pages. But usually by the time I’ve sown and pricked out and potted on…. well there’s just no time to start these enormous projects.

For the past 18 months my beloved and I have picked up load after load of used red bricks, all taken from old houses in the grip of renovation. And I have spent hours chipping off old mortar and cement and stacking bricks ready to use. I have broken nails and touched spiders and my hands are rougher than ever. But finally our pile is big enough and we have started!  Project go.

First brick laid.  A few hundred to go.  And I am on my way to potager heaven.


beauty with feathers…


Robin Bathing V2

One of my most favourite images in the garden is to see birds bathing.  Splashing about, cleaning their feathers, preening on a branch afterwards.  For some reason it calms my soul and my mind.  I’ve had a family of blackbirds queuing up to bathe…. much like my own family most evenings – but without the shouts about hot water running out!

My beautiful stone birdbath came from a local stone salvage yard in Gradbach, just near the Scout Camp.  At 300 kg it took a number of strong men to lift into place, and it now sits at the end of our pond, welcoming all manner of birds, and sometimes the family cat as well.

In moments of family mayhem I can often look outside and there will be a bird sitting in the bath – perhaps there’s a link between my brain and theirs, perhaps they know that I need that 5 minutes respite before I head back into the fray.