heather by the sea


I was fortunate during my holiday to enjoy a glorious walk from St Ives to Zennor – 7 or so miles along the South West coastal path.  The walk was a little tougher than I expected – my mistake was not packing morning tea for a little stop on the way (scones and a flask of coffee would have been lovely).  At times the path was perilously close to the cliff edge but this afforded amazing views down the cliffs and to the ocean.

The path meandered through a number of stunning heather fields perched above the sea. The sheer brilliance of these fields on a sunny day is tough to replicate in print.  Most important, the pink fields are imprinted on my memory.  I expected the fields to be buzzing with bees and butterflies, but sadly there were very few – I know bees don’t like windy conditions so perhaps there aren’t many hives positioned this close to the coast?

As my holiday wound to a close I was really ready for my return to both home and garden. Having fully recharged my batteries I am itching to get my hands onto flowers, vegetables, herbs and perhaps some fruit.  I have really missed being around to enjoy the peak of the summer harvest. I’ve had a lovely friend picking sweet peas – 180 stems at last count (am very impressed with her level of record-keeping) – but the rest is ‘waiting’ for me – cucumbers, courgettes, kale, potatoes, beans, garlic, shallots, peas, chillis, tomatoes….. This is my hope.  How much has survived is the question….




holiday musings

It’s rained for 5 days of our holiday so far – the joys of the English summer mean there are many, many hours for afternoon naps, coffee stops, films, card games and great food!  Another joy of lazy days is having the time to think about my garden – to think rather than do is pure luxury.

So where do those thoughts take me?  I’ve considered a white garden. Shopped for spring bulbs and seed for the wildflower garden.  Planned how I can fit additional hedging / walls / climber-covered fences to contain unique spaces.  I’ve also been able to sit and logically consider what I have that works, and also the elements that aren’t as strong – unfortunately I spend significant time sowing seeds, staking and managing a cutting garden which isn’t really utilised given my summer exodus.  I’ve bought more dahlias from the farmers market than I have picked.  Sadly, I think the cutting garden has to go.  Only the sweet peas will stay.

The little girl has started to enjoy her holiday which is lovely.  Any change – even a fun holiday – is rarely well received.  Luckily, while I find the ocean and its rhythms soothing, so does she.  When I manage to get her in the water, even better!  Water in all its forms really is fantastic therapy.  Hot chocolate also helps!

So, while I am missing my garden on holidays, I know it’s just fine without me!  Setting seed, bolting, crops maturing, birds eating the berries that I am not there to enjoy!  I’m certain to arrive to a wilderness that was relatively tamed on the day I left!  I will very much enjoy wandering and looking at all the changes.  Best of all I will be recharged, ready to pull on a fresh pair of gloves and start planting the 1,500 plug plants and spring bulbs that I’ve ordered during these rainy day!