bulbs, bulbs, bulbs…..

Sitting and looking out the kitchen window today I was thrilled to see a nuthatch and a goldfinch feeding.  The nuthatch is a pretty regular visitor – but goldfinches are usually seen mid-ish summer going after the thistles I leave in my wild garden.  A much-needed beautiful scene in my autumn garden that is (very) slowly being put to bed.

I love autumn for the stunning leaves, the remains of the harvest, for days in front of a warm fire. But I don’t like the start of the very chilly weather and the damp – give me a heavy snowfall any day.  I have a sewing project on the go and plenty of text books to read – so I’m currently feeling no urge whatsoever to head outside.  The garden is definitely not looking its beautiful best!

However, major success – the bulbs have gone in.  Except for the camassia.  Have I run out of time….?   I had to call in some extra help to prep my new front border – thank goodness for the husband, otherwise I think it’d still be out there.  The front border now has daffodils, crocus, fritillary and tulips.  1117 in total, giving me about 100 per square metre which should give us a good starting point.  In Spring I’ll plug the gaps with bluebells, hyacinths and snowdrops.   Foxgloves are in but I missed forget-me-nots, hellebores and primulas.  Next year.

I’m now trying to decide whether to head out on one of our warmer days to plant the Primula vialli around the pond.  Would be totally gutted to lose them should we have a really chilly snap just after planting.  Perhaps a covering of fleece for the first month or so may do the trick….. Hmmmm?  Sweet peas also yet to do.  And the mulching.  And here I was thinking (….. hoping) the gardening year was over.