“to forget how….

As the winter chills and the grey skies descend, sending me into a whirl of homesickness for warm days and a family gathering, I’ve looked to my garden to help snap me out of it. Sure it was a blustery, cold day – but getting out into the elements and planting some of the few bulbs I hadn’t yet got to was good therapy!  And I watched a kingfisher diving into my pond – absolutely amazing – and suddenly my world righted itself just a little.

Mum gave me a beautiful ceramic pendant a few years ago that now hangs on the rustic fence at the back of my garden.  It reads….  “to forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves” (Ghandi).  I certainly find my horticultural exploits very grounding and life affirming – and have met so many people, both personally and in the virtual world, who feel the same.  We are so lucky to have discovered such a beautiful gift.

I have promised myself that in 2017 I’m not going to start another large garden project. Rather, I want to really look at what I have and make the very best of all of it.  Enhanced colour combinations, extended seasonal interest, growing food that takes me through all the seasons, installing the polytunnel, sorting out the shed!  It will be a year of maintenance and completion. And when possible, to encourage and include my little girl in the garden – to try and get some of this goodness into her life as well.

But for now, as the forecast is set to dip again, I’m enjoying planning the vegetable garden planting for 2017.  The thousand bulbs that went into the front garden are starting to shoot – so, while trying to live as mindfully as possible, I’m also looking forward to the show of colour after all the planting work of 2016.


2 thoughts on ““to forget how….

  1. I love that quote, Simone, and where the pendant is hung must make you stop to think about the words and your mum when you’re in the garden. Lovely. I used to hide away in winter but now find that if I can get outside, I feel so much better – especially if I’ve also made progress in the garden! It sounds like a good plan to take stock this year and I think your daughter will love to be included – maybe start her with a wildflower patch of her own? Or a tub of beans growing up a wigwam? Would love to know how you get on! Caro x


    1. Hi Caro, both very good ideas for the little lady and a little prettier than her standard potato patch!!! I will let you know how we get in, keep your fingers crossed for me! I was reading through a Waltons mailshot last night and do you know that they included your blog as one of their recommended sites to encourage people to get out and gardening – I agree with their choice, well done! X


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