a riot of colour

I have really enjoyed reading so many beautiful posts on tulips – particularly as my own display this year hasn’t been brilliant.  I planted 100 in the front garden and very few have actually flowered – totally my own fault as they were planted in February.  The tulips in the photograph are the free Darwin Hybrids that I (again very last minute) shoved into a few pots. They have been sensational – strong statement colours that lasted for about two weeks.  These shall now be planted deeply into the side border – hopefully to return for many years to come!

The remaining flower photographs are all from the pond garden.  The Primula denticulata have been amazing planted en mass with some orange tulips and daffodils.  The daffodils have carried through the brilliant yellow of the marsh marigolds.  Floating over the bed are the stunning pink flowers of the ornamental cherry.  I know that purple, orange, yellow and pink should perhaps not work…  but it has been amazing!  As the primula flowers fade I have 80 P. vialii ready to fill the gap.

In the potager I have planted out the sweet peas, peas, mangetout, radish, beetroot, sugar snaps, greens and some edible flowers.  The greenhouse is full to bursting with seedlings.  I’m starting to plan the removal of turf in the bee garden / orchard and the expansion of the back garden border.  Plus there’s all the weeding, additional planting and moving – so much to do, so little time!